2017 Association Events

January 2017 – Lunch & Learn

COALSP’s January Lunch & Learn was hosted by Ireland, Stapleton, Pryor and Pascoe, P.C.  Bridgette Harris, attorney and Director of Managed Review at E-STET, traveled from Los Angeles to Denver to speak about the California Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct’s Formal Opinion No. 2015-193 concerning ethical duties in the handling of discovery of electronically stored information.  THANK YOU E-STET for supporting COALSP and providing such an insightful and informative session.

 February 2017 – Lunch & Learn

Our February Lunch & Learn was hosted at the Office of the Colorado Attorney General.  Trent Walton, National Director of Legal Technology at U.S. Legal Support, gave a presentation about Social Media in eDiscovery and Mobile Device data considerations.

 March 2017 – Lunch & Learn

Our March Lunch & Learn was hosted by the University of Colorado, Office of University Counsel.  Speakers included: Tanya Cohen, Litigation Support Manager, University of Colorado and the following Advisory Panel members of Legal Technology Professionals Institute:  Sunil Ohri, Of Counsel, Stein Mitchell Cipollone Beato & Missner, LLP; Martin Tully, Partner and Co-Chair, Ackerman LLP; and Noah Lauricella, Partner, GoldenbergLaw, PLLC.  The topic presented was “Mastering a Meaningful Meet and Confer”. Thank you to COALSP for providing lunch for attendees!

May 2017 – Lunch & Learn

Our May Lunch & Learn was hosted by Dorsey & WhitneyCaroline Sweeney, Dorsey & Whitney’s Global Director, eDiscovery & Client Technology, and Case Collard, Esq., Partner, Dorsey & Whitney, gave a detailed and thorough presentation “Ten Best Practices for Ensuring Proportionality in eDiscovery”.    Thank you to COALSP for providing lunch for attendees!

  (05-25-17 Lunch & Learn)